Data Protection & Confidentiality

EBM+ treat all volunteer information as confidential. This includes information provided by the application forms and informal interviews which occur during the recruitment process. Verbal information which a volunteer considers sensitive or personal to them is taken with strict confidence by EBM+. Volunteer names will remain anonymous when completing any surveys throughout the programme.

Volunteers are required to act responsibly when taking and sharing photos of school workshops. Permission must always be granted by the school contact and students before any photos relating to the programme are taken and posted online, especially when those students under 18 are identifiable in the photo.

Data collected from school workshop questionnaires should be treated as confidential by volunteers and hardcopies to be given to an EBM+ contact as soon as possible. Any other information provided by the school students which may be considered sensitive should be treated as confidential at the volunteer’s discretion.

All relevant information regarding volunteers and schools is collected and stored by EBM+ using electronic encryption software in accordance with UCL’s Data Protection Policy.