Induction & Training

Following recruitment, all volunteers attend a number of induction workshops led by our Impact and Public Engagement Manager, Charlie Norell, and Project Co-investigator at UCL, Brendan Clarke. These involve: an introduction to EBM+ and our core research themes; an overview of ‘Your Health, Your Evidence’; Topic case-studies (e.g. ‘evidence bases and contraceptive pills’); and training in how to run workshops in schools.

We want to ensure our volunteers are happy and confident to carry out their role. EBM+ will provide plenty of information resources and materials to boost a volunteer’s knowledge in a given area. We set up a number of online discussion platforms and shared documents for all volunteers to access such as an EBM+ Volunteers Facebook group and Google Docs to discuss topic ideas and workshop plans.

An EBM+ contact will facilitate initial correspondence between each volunteer group and the school they are placed in. Volunteers will then be expected to maintain thorough correspondence with their school contact in order to: organise exact workshop dates and times; approve topics; and provide relevant reading materials