School Workshops


In January 2018, the programme officially begins as volunteer enter schools and run their workshops. Our volunteers are expected to plan, coordinate and implement a series of 6-8 workshops throughout the school spring term – one workshop per week – and each one lasting approximately 1hr15mins. Last year, schools often chose to have workshops on a Wednesday afternoon, which is commonly allocated for enrichment opportunities. 


Each workshop will cover a different topic relating to Evidence based Medicine (EBM) and how this impacts ones health. Topic examples include: Mental Health, Sexual Health, Contraception, Cancer (pathology, diagnosis and treatments), Drug Development, Diet, Food Supplements and Eating Disorders.

The first workshop will involve a short introduction to EBM and what EBM+ is doing to improve it, then a discussion into the kinds of topics the students wish to cover. We also use overarching questions such as, “What makes us different?” to get students thinking about our physiological and social variations, and how these factors influence how evidence is applied to a specific patient.

Our volunteers will design their workshop to be as engaging as possible. These workshops are not teaching classes, but more seminar-type sessions involving plenty of group discussion and forming ideas together. The workshops will often include group exercises such as debating and role-playing (e.g. acting out a doctor-patient prescribing scenario).

Our volunteers will give your school notice of the workshop topic being covered that week, to ensure all parties are happy and comfortable with the workshop’s content.