EBM+ is reaching out to schools to take part in our Volunteering Programme, ‘Your Health, Your Evidence’.

EBM+ is part of a three year research project, ‘Evaluating Evidence in Medicine’ (EEiM). One of our central research aims is to engage KS4 and KS5 students with evidence-based medicine (EBM) so that these school-aged students can make better informed decisions about their health.

We would like to send groups of UCL students (2-3) to your school during the spring term next year, in order to work with your KS5 students through a series of weekly workshop sessions. These sessions would ideally last between 1-2 hours and could be unsupervised, given that all our volunteers will be DBS checked prior to your entering school.

These sessions will be centred around medical evidence and health, discussing many facets of EBM and relevant case studies that reflect our cutting-edge research in a classroom setting. Following these sessions, we would like your KS5 students to engage with a class of KS4 students, as your oldest students will be able to use the same analytical tools developed with our UCL students.

After these workshops are delivered, we would like your students to come to UCL for a mini conference-type event so that everyone involved in ‘Your Health, Your Evidence’ can share their experiences of the Programme.

If your school or a school you know would be interested in taking part and would like some more information about our programme, please get in touch. Dr. Brendan Clarke’s video blog also provides some useful information for our schools.

We look forward to hearing from you!