As part of our project Evaluating Evidence in Medicine (EEiM), EBM+ are looking for volunteers to engage with A-level students about evidence and health, bringing our cutting-edge research into the classroom.

Role description 

  • Our EBM+ volunteers will be entering schools to engage with AS/A2- level students about medical evidence, so that older school students can make better, more informed decisions about their health.
  • Groups of 2-3 volunteers will be assigned to a school, committing to a 2/3hr session once each week in that school.
  • Volunteers will undertake these sessions in schools during spring term, starting in January.
  • Following this, we plan to hold a project event around the start of UCL’s third term, giving the volunteers and their school students the opportunity to present their progress in a conference-type setting.
  • We aim for the majority of our partner schools to be a short commute from UCL (10-20 minutes), although some journeys will be slightly longer than others.
  • EBM+ will provide workshops and continued guidance so that volunteers do not feel unprepared when entering the schools.
  • We will likely select Lead Volunteers within each group based on strength of cover letter application.
  • Volunteers will be expected to coordinate within their school-specific groups. They will decide what time they wish to attend each school session, how best to commute to that school, how they wish to maintain correspondence with their school, and how to approach each session with the school students.
  • Should any issues arise once the programme has started, Charlie Norell will be the central point of contact for the Volunteering Programme. Email: Charles.norell.12@ucl.ac.uk