Why partner with EBM+

Our commitment toTeen Health

Our Aim: To develop a school students critical thinking towards medical evidence

Our vision for a school programme is that EBM+ maximises its research impact to our most important stakeholder group. As they begin their adult lives, young people are suddenly faced with the responsibility of making their own healthcare decisions, but often without an ability to interpret and apply complex evidence to their individual needs.

EBM+ believe that young people should be provided with the skills and knowledge to ensure they are confident and informed when making important health choices.

After young people gain newfound autonomy over their own health, our volunteers encourage them to develop a vital understanding of why they should never take clinical evidence for granted.

As a partner school, your students will: 

  • Become informed, autonomous individuals when confronted with contested scientific evidence and when making their own healthcare decisions.
  • Experience how seminar-type workshops are led, like those run at university.
  • Work with UCL students and have the opportunity to find out about all aspects of university life in London.